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Jacob McGrath is a skilled and dedicated Army veteran with 12+ years of service. He has shown exceptional leadership in challenging and dangerous environments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jacob respects Ryan's skills and experience as they have established a successful business.
Hi, I'm Ryan Massaro - a military veteran turned entrepreneur delivering exceptional services to businesses. My unique skills and experience ensure you receive quality, affordable and reliable services. Partner with Veterans Protection for the best results, professionalism and expertise.

At Veterans Protection, we are absolutely dedicated to diving deep into the very heart of security to ensure our clients have top-notch security solutions. Our mission extends beyond merely providing run-of-the-mill security services to safeguarding the well-being of everyone and everything on our clients’ premises. In pursuit of this goal, we have a highly trained and experienced team of security guards who guarantee the safety and protection of your people and property. We believe that long-term relationships with our clients are what makes our business stand apart from our competitors. That’s why we always focus on delivering highly tailored and cost-effective security services that meet each individual client’s needs with personalized attention to detail. Trust us with your security needs and we’ll provide you with a level of protection that will allow you to sleep soundly at night.

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